Hello. I'm Charles, a digital designer, developer, and service manager from the United Kingdom. I've been helping deliver useful, beautiful digital experiences since 1994.


I currently work with an environmental education charity founded in 1943. We have field centres and learning locations throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

I have previously worked with wildlife conservation charities, environmental data centres, major theme parks, well-known tourist attractions, a performing arts festival, a high street bank, an art and technology college, a local community centre, a cathedral, and a spice island hotel in Zanzibar (among others).

I have worked as a technical lead, a developer, a graphic designer, a web designer, a biodiversity data manager, a GIS wrangler, a teacher, an IT technician, and a CIC director.

Fun facts: I am GitHub user #176 and Stack Overflow user #1944. My greatest claim to fame is a letter published in issue 71 of Sinclair User magazine, February 1988. It's all been downhill from there.

This is a web page.

There’s not much here.

Just words and a few icons.

The words are marked up in HTML and styled with CSS. There's a smidgen of JavaScript and a webfont, too.

The web page was uploaded via FTP to a web server based in Lancashire, England.

You’re reading it wherever you are.

And that’s still pretty cool.